1. oktober 2015

Your personal IT consultant

Koch Konsult does IT support and technical consultancy for the home and SMB market. We find the best solutions to any IT challenge that comes along, planned and unplanned, that takes too long to figure out or handle on your own.

Koch Konsult has 25 years experience with IT support on any platform – Mac, PC, and Linux. Over the last years there’s also been a tremendous shift towards mobile technology with iOS and Android as leading players. This has lead to a whole new set of challenges in information security and availability. Koch Konsult can also help you navigate through these mobile areas as well.

Some of the areas we can assist with:

  • Support on Mac, Windows, iPhone/iPad and Android
  • Configuration of backup, iCloud, synchronized family calendars
  • Domain registration and DNS setup
  • Finding the best web service and integrating with your core business
  • Choosing the right web hosting environment and email setup on your own domain name
  • Setup and development of web sites, landing pages in WordPress, Craft CMS or bootstrap static pages
  • Clean up and restore web sites that have been hacked and victim of malware, and adding safety measure to prevent further attacks. Removing incorrect page entries indexed by Google
  • Development and integration of custom, automated web services, like getting all the contact form entries directly into a Google Spreadsheet
  • Setup and support of Google Analytics/Search Console and Google Webmaster Tools and other web site monitoring tools
  • Web page speed analysis, performance tuning and SEO optimization
  • Large network of contacts in all creative fields


Get in touch and tell me what your-day-to day IT problems are!

Willy T. Koch
Mobile: +47 480 321 77
[email protected]